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 About Nepal : Nepal is one of the youngest republic nations in the world .Shah dynasty ruled over the country until recently. Prithivi Narayan Shah unified the nation in 1768.During Shah dynasty’s rule in 1846 a sepoy leader Bahadur Rana rose to power starting a hereditary Prime Ministership leading to 104 years long Rana regime .The Ranas maintained good relations with the British and extended support to them against the Sepoy Rebellion and during both World Wars. In 1923, the United Kingdom and Nepal Formally signed as agreement of friendship, in which Nepal’s independence was recognized by the UK.

Rana hegemony came to an end in 1951 following pro-democracy movement from the political parties .However, in 1959 king Mahendra seized absolute power and started a “Party less” Panchayat system. More struggle continued in favor of democracy. The 1990 People’s movement brought in constitutional reforms and establishment a multiparty parliament.

In 1996, the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) started vouching for a people’s socialist republic .The following armed conflict left more than 12000 dead over a course of a decade. Fate of monarchy underwent serious incident on June 1, 2001.17 members of the Royal family including the entire family of the reigning king were killed. The royal massacre report said that Crown Prince Dipendra, agitated over refusal of his choice of wife, went on killing his family members and later the same evening committed suicide. King Birendra‘s brother Gyanendra inherited the throne thereafter .On February 1,2005 .King Gyanendra sacked the government and assumed full executive powers .A broad alliance against the royal takeover ,called the Seven Party Alliance (SPA), came up after the Maoists declared a three month unilateral ceasefire in September 2005.In December SPA and the Maoists signed 12- Point understanding .SPA called for a 4 day nationwide general strike with overwhelming support of the general public evolved into April movement .On April 21.King Gyanendra made a compromising call on SPA to nominate a new Prime Minister .The Parties put forward three demands the next day –reinstitution of the old parliament, formalities of an all party government and election to a constitution Assembly.


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