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 About Nepal : Nepal is one of the youngest republic nations in the world .Shah dynasty ruled over the country until recently. Prithivi Narayan Shaha unified the nation in 1768.During Shah dynasty’s rule in 1846 a Sepoy leader Bahadur Rana rose to power starting a hereditary Prime Minister ship leading to 104 years long Rana regime .The Ranas maintained good relations with the British and extended support to them against the Sepoy Rebellion and during both World Wars. In 1923, the United Kingdom and Nepal Formally signed as agreement of friendship, in which Nepal’s independence was recognized. Trekking is the most ideal approach to begin your enterprise travel in Nepal furthermore one of the main reasons why experience loving visitors visit Nepal. Not at all like mountaineering,

Trekking is additionally the most ideal approach to make the most of Nepal’s picturesque magnificence and watch Nepalese culture. You could begin your Trekking from a city through different courses along the streams and achieve a height agreeable for you.Undeniably Nepal is one of the finest destinations for enjoying the grandness of nature through trekking. The tracks that go into the nation are antiquated ones which meander through wonderful stream banks, unpredictably terraced fields and the forested edges connecting charming towns. Trekkers can stroll along the coarse however lovely trails in the lap of green slopes which can handle anybody’s eye, or more all warm gathering from smiling neighborhood individuals



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