Bhote Koshi River Rafting


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Bhote Koshi River Rafting is by far one of the most unique combination of exceptionally fun and challenging adrenaline pumping 2-days trip to be found anywhere. Drawing its amazing and mystifying power from high in Bhot ( Tibet ) the river tumbles into Nepal through breathtaking valleys. Glacier waters from the 10th Highest Mountain Shisa Pangma carve a steep and direct drop at the top that gradually eases to more placid streams and the calmer pool within a 46-km run at the Lamosunga dam. The rapids here are a solid class IV- V at high flow, and a more classic III at lower levels. Continuous, challenging and action-packed, the Bhote Kosi offers you nothing less than the ride of a lifetime.

Rapids : Gerbil in the plumbing, Frog in a blender, Relax, The Great Wall, Liquid bliss, Dazed and Confused.








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Kathmandu arrival (1350m) & Overnight in Hotel

Our trip meets at 6 AM at our office in Thamel office, to warm up with tea or coffee, deposit any extra luggage and valuables if necessary. Please carry beer money and your passport with you if you think that you might be extending your stay at the Borderlands Adventure Centre. From KTM, we drive 3 hours on a chartered bus to our camp at Borderlands, Nepal's first Adventure Centre, just 16 km from the Tibet border. Located at the highest launching point, this luxurious resort allows for an additional 3- km of whitewater rush. After a delicious lunch prepared by our expert catering team, we gear up for the day's descent, and received in depth briefing on paddling, commands, and security measures. Approximately 2/3 of the river is covered the first day, and allows ample practice for some of the more harrowing rapids on the following day ~ 2. An evening at the Borderlands resort is the ideal preparation for the day to come. Thatched roof safari style tents, toilets, and a massive dining hall complete with a well stocked bar, make for the perfect haven, where you can indulge in home comforts in the middle of Himalayan splendor. An oasis, and temple of tranquility, nestled in the curves of the flowing torrents… Take in the view, fresh air, and peace that only Nature could offer. Your overnight stay will never last long enough. The various and unique activities available at Borderlands will beckon a quick return. Treks to the surrounding villages and hot springs, mountain bike rides along the Nepal - Tibet border, or a waterfall descent of 200 meters: all wait to quench your spirit of adventure. Return to the resort to recharge your batteries, and refuel with the simple, yet tantalizing meals, freshly prepared with much of the ingredients grown in our own organic garden. With advance notice we will happily accommodate any specific dietary needs.


Kathmandu to Bhotekosi River Rafting starting place

Averages 5- hours of paddling from Borderlands to our take out point at the Lamosango dam. Throughout the day the continuous and technical rapids require full attention and exertion and commitment. We reach the dam, ready to load ourselves, and the equipment onto the chartered bus back to KTM. The 3-hour ride allows some time to rest our bodies before we reach the capital. After collecting valuables, and having a shower or some more rest, we often gather for dinner and drinks at a favorite restaurant in Thamel, to recount the trip highlights. A professional attitude and dedication to offer only the best, are what define Ultimate Descents Nepal in all that we do. With years of experience and an unsurpassed passion for whitewater fun, we commit ourselves to provide the service and guidance of the highest standards. We want you to share in the unforgettable thrill of rafting Nepal, safely. For most, this is the first time in a raft or on whitewater rapids. It brings us pleasure and privilege to introduce others to the healthiest addiction around.


Sight seeing around at Kathamandu

After breakfast, we start an interesting tour around Kathmandu. Escorting by an English speaking guide (can be provide any language speaking guide on request) be, try to give them a full taste of our vivid culture image and an enchanting manner of its people. In our sightseeing tour we go to Monkey temple Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath and Kathmandu Durbar square. Durbar Square: -This complex of palaces, courtyards and temples, built between the 12th and 18th centuries, used to be the seat of the ancient Malla kings of Kathmandu. An intriguing piece here is the 17th century stone inscription set into the wall of the palace with writings in 15 languages. The Durbar square, protected as an UNESCO world Heritage site, is the social, religious and urban focal point of the city. There are also museums inside the palace building. There is an entrance fee of Rs.250 for foreign visitors. Your ticket to the Square entitles you to visit all the museums. Swayambhunath, 6.5 kilometers west of Kathmandu, situated on a hillock, this 2000 years old Stupa is the world’s most glorious Buddhist shrine and is surrounded by several small pagodas. The main temple is capped by a pinnacle of copper gilt and is painted on the four sides with all seeing eyes of Lord Buddha. Pashupatinath, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is the holiest and most famous Nepalese temple. Situated 5 kilometers northeast of Kathmandu on the bank of the sacred Bagmati River, it is an impressive pagoda style structure with gilt roof and richly carved silver doors. It has bathing and cremation ghats, which are of absorbing interest to the tourist, particularly in the mornings and on festival days.


Final Departure.

All too soon it's time to bid Nepal farewell and one realizes that we can never be intimate, only acquainted with this amazing adventure kingdom

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