Avalanche Sweeps Everest Killing People

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18 Apr, 2014



Today, there was avalanche in Mount Everest that swept away the slopes killing at least six Nepalese guides and leaving nine more missing, official said.

The Sherpa guides had gone to the route to fix the ropes for hundreds of climbers when the avalanche hit them just below the camp 2 around 6:30am, Nepal Tourism Ministry official Krishna Lamsal said.

Until now, six people has been recovered and rescuers are still digging out. Others all still to be found.

The climbers, their guides and support guides had gathered on higher altitude at the base camp for the final attempt to scale the 8,850 m peak next month when weather condition get favorable.The guides were fixing routes and ropes on the slopes ahead of the final ascend to the Everest.

The area where the incident took place is known as the “Popcorn Field” and is located at 6,400 m above sea level.

A helicopter has been sent from Kathmandu and the fellow climbers and rescuers had rushed for the rescue.


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