Dashain Festival in Nepal 2072 (2015)

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Festival in Nepal
18 Oct, 2015





Dashain Festival in Nepal : ( 20th October to 26th October,2015) For the Hindus in Nepal, celebration of Dashain is the commemoration of the great victory of righteousness over the forces of evil. The lavish festival celebrates Durga, the mother of Goddess who represents female strength and powess.On the seventh day of the festival called Phulpati [the day of flower] possession takes place at Tundikhael and big ceremony in Durbar square. The eight and ninth day of festival are called Maha Astami and Mahanavami. Normally they fall on two different days but this time they concides on the same day. Various animals are sacrificed as offerings to Durga. The great tenth day called Vijaya Dashami the  ‘day of victory ‘Vijaya-Dashami,is the last day of the festivals and is concluded with the ceremonial application of the red ‘Tika’(rice grains mixed curd or yogurt and colored red)on the forehead as a blessing .Four  os five inches tall yellow Jamara(barley sprouts)are given with the tika and are worn in the hair on the day. These sprouts are gathered from the pot which is installed on the first day of the festival.Relativae visit the houses of their superiors to receive on blessings on Vijaya Dashmi.Greeting cards are also exchanged along with wish of best of health and for-occasion. People exchange good wishes to each other and receive Tika from relatives and elders.

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