Maha Shivaratri Festival 2017
maha shivaratri fastival clearskytreks
1 Feb, 2017




Maha Shivaratri Festival 2016 :In the holy month of Falgun (March) the sun enters the southern hemisphere and the days begin to grow longer and warmer. Lord Vishnu the preserver is thanked for his efforts. On Magha Sankranti (the first day of Magha) people take an early morning bath in a holy river (not doing so may mean a birth as a goat in the next life), visit the shrine of Vishnu at Budaneelkantha and present flowers,  incense, and food to him. They read the Bhagwat Geeta, also known as the song of the Gods, rub mustard oil over the bodies, and enjoy feasts of rice cooked with lentils, yam, and laddus.

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