Simikot Trekking

Simikot Trekking

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21 Night| 22 Days|USD $1999 to 2449 Per person

Simikot Trekking  is located in far western Nepal, and is about as remote as you can get! Your trek will take you through a unique blend of Tibetan Buddhist and Nepali Gurung cultures. The vertiginous Himalayan trails climb up to a dramatic plateau at over 4000m. Still a traditional pilgrimage route to the holy Mt. Kailash, this trek will reward you with dramatic views and a sense of intimacy with Nepal like no other trek.

Trek to Limi and Humla via Simikot Limi valley is closed for the tourist for long time but now any body travel areas as Simikot. People need to fit for that trip because, it has high passes and narrow and rocky path along the high cliff so well equips. We will provide all things as other area for the camping because of that are does not have teahouse and lodges. We need to supply all things from Nepal Gunj by flight accept some vegetable.

Simikot is the district administration area for whole Humla. It is Far West north from Kathamandu. Fly to Nepal Gunj. It is one of the get way for the Mt. Kailash and Mansarover but the Nepali people who want to go for the pilgrim that part of Tibet the have to go this way other wise we need group visa like other people from rest of the world. So it is isolated area and still Sangria -la of the country. Cross over the high pass and in side the inner Himalayas with deep gorge and dry flat desert like Tibet with grassy meadows for the cattle. People are looks like Tibetan and speak Indo-Bramble language like Tibetan people do. Rich Buddhist couture with own separate tradition and rituals. It is land of where the H.H.H.Dhalai Lama had mediated once for the some time. Every three village have own Monastery where they go to prey and celebrated the local festival. Halchi is the big village in the valleys. They make wooden bowels, which is really demands in Lasha, which is made by Maple tree. People of Limi valley they used to do trade to Tibet to Lasha and other part of Tibet also they go to India and other part of Nepal like southern part and Kathamandu. They go to pilgrim when winter start and back when warm season start. They got o Dhrmsala, Sarnath Buddha Gaya, Lumbini and Kathamandu too.




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City Per Adult / Single Room Per Adult / Double / Triple Room Child Without Bed Child With Bed
Kathmandu USD USD $ 30 USD USD $ 30 USD USD $ 65 USD USD $ 75


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Arrive at Kathamandu 1350m Transfer to Hotel.

Welcome to Kathmandu, the capital city of the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal.You will be met on airport and transferred to your hotel. After the arrival, the group will be formally introduced to Guide for the activities over the next few days. One should pay attention in particular to the safety aspects of the briefing. Any questions or doubts should be asked and clarified at this time. We check your insurance details and other requirement for your trekking.


Kathmandu sightseeing.

After breakfast, we start an interesting tour around Kathmandu. Escorting by an English speaking guide (can be provide any language speaking guide on request) be, try to give them a full taste of our vivid culture image and an enchanting manner of its people. In our sightseeing tour we go to Monkey temple Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath and Kathmandu Durbar square. Durbar Square: -This complex of palaces, courtyards and temples, built between the 12th and 18th centuries, used to be the seat of the ancient Malla kings of Kathmandu. An intriguing piece here is the 17th century stone inscription set into the wall of the palace with writings in 15 languages. The Durbar square, protected as an UNESCO world Heritage site, is the social, religious and urban focal point of the city. There are also museums inside the palace building. There is an entrance fee of Rs.250 for foreign visitors. Your ticket to the Square entitles you to visit all the museums. Swayambhunath, 6.5 kilometers west of Kathmandu, situated on a hillock, this 2000 years old Stupa is the world’s most glorious Buddhist shrine and is surrounded by several small pagodas. The main temple is capped by a pinnacle of copper gilt and is painted on the four sides with all seeing eyes of Lord Buddha. Pashupatinath, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is the holiest and most famous Nepalese temple. Situated 5 kilometers northeast of Kathmandu on the bank of the sacred Bagmati River, it is an impressive pagoda style structure with gilt roof and richly carved silver doors. It has bathing and cremation ghats, which are of absorbing interest to the tourist, particularly in the mornings and on festival days.


Kathamandu-Nepalgunj. 1 ½ hrs 152m

Fly from kathamandu to Nepalgung Stay over night at Hotel. It is 440km flight to southwest from Kathamandu.


Nepalgunj- Simikot 50minute 2960m

Fly to Simikot and over night at camp. It is 218 km north of Nepalguaj.


Simikot- Yakpa pul 5hrs 2630m

Climb to the pass above Simikot. From here one path descend steep down to Dadaphoya and Path goes towards Limi valley that is the path going to flowing along two villages and steep down to Yakpapul camp.


Yakpa pul- Dhinga 6hrs 3610m

From camp there is two options can do via Yakpa village or strait up hill to Dhinga village. After cross the river climb all day either one. This will be last village before Jhang. Good camping sites above village.


Dhinga-Below Shechi Lagna 6hrs 3900m

Gentle up hill starting with Junipers and alpine vegetations and steep up to the Sechi langna (4530m) and stay at below camp at meadow.


Shechi –Chumsa 6 hrs 4300m

Walk down to Shingjuma3620m with blue pines, pines, Junipers and a lot of Birch around. After walk up along the Chumsa river and come out above the tree lines and walk up to Chumsa camp over night.


Chumsa -Talung 7 hrs 4370m

This is the beautiful walk along the waterfalls and Lakes with views of Api Saipal Himal (7025m). After cross the Naylu Langna (4940m) can see the Holy mountain Mt. Kailas to far visibilities, than steep down to Talung camp over night at grassy meadow in cold and windy.


Chumsa -Talung 7 hrs 4370m

This is the beautiful walk along the waterfalls and Lakes with views of Api Saipal Himal (7025m). After cross the Naylu Langna (4940m) can see the Holy mountain Mt. Kailas to far visibilities, than steep down to Talung camp over night at grassy meadow in cold and windy


Talung - Jhang 8 hrs 3930m

Along the valley and cross the river camp near by hot spring. It is long day walk but beautiful walk along the Talung river. After passing Talung Tso trek goes via Gumayak and Majule Patan (4220m) than walk along the Takchi cho after cross the bridge and walk to camp over night.


Jhang – Halji 4 hrs 2660m

From camp walk to village and visit to Monastery and walk down to Halji. Camp before village along the riverside and after lunch time to visit to Monastry. It is very rich and some time Dalai Lama visited this monastry. Here people they sell the Maple woods tea pot, Soup bowl, pots and more things. Back to camp for over night.


Jhang-Til 4 hrs 3700m

Walking along the village and down to bridge to other side of river along the pine, Birch and Mountain roses. Again cross the bridge on Humla Karnali and walk to Limi northwest up hill to camp before the village.


Til – Manepeme 7 hrs 3990m

Today is not easy walk up hill from camp along the rocky cliff side to Lamka pass and walking narrow path up and down. Humla Karnali looks very deep down below the path makes you hard feelig. Arrive Manepeme and camp.


Manepeme - Hilsa 4 hrs 3720m

Treks goes little bit up hill starting on rocky part. Some time can see th Blue sheep above path with rolling stones goes down all the way to river. When arrive at Border of Nepal; and Tibet (China) walk down to bridge on Karnali river and camp on Nepal side at Hilsa with dusty and windy.


Hilsa-Yari 8 hrs 3670m

After break fast start walking steep up hill with pack lunch to Nara Lagna (4620m) via Ranipauwa. After pass path goes down all the down to camp at Yari village with cultivation, where is the check post between Borders.


Yari -Muchu 7 hrs 3120m

From Yari path start gentle down hill along the open countryside with Junipers trees, animals shelters and highland Birds life. Before cross the bridge on Kumuchhiy Khola down hill to Tumkot and climb up to Muchu for our visa and permits clearness. Walk down to camp along side of Karnalai river over night.


Muchu -Salle Khola 7 hrs 2900m

After camp cross a bridge on the Karnali river walking along side with narrow valley. Maples, Walnut, Pines, roses and mix vegetations give you cool walk. Walk to Sallekhola via Yalbang and Yanger villages


Salle Khola - Dadaphoya 7 hrs 2300m

After crossed Salle Khola trek goes up hill and slow down via Kermi and Dharapuri along side of Karnali river. Pine forest and cultivations along the villages with domesticated animals.


Dadaphoya - Simikot 4 hrs 2960m

Last day on trek start steep up till the pass before Simikot. Than down to Simikot.


Simikot - Nepalgunj- Kathamandu

Early morning fly to Nepalgunj than fly to Kathamandu. Some time flight can cancel on certain circumstances so at least need extra days for this trip.


Final Departure.

All too soon it's time to bid Nepal farewell and one realizes that we can never be intimate, only acquainted with this amazing adventure kingdom.

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