Hanumandhoka (Durbar Square)


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This large square is the historic seat of the Nepalese Royalty.The Square,with its old temples and places ,epitomizes temples and palaces ,epitomizes the religious and cultural life of the people.It is here where Kings of Nepal are crowned.

Interesting things tosee in the Square include:

Taleju Temple built by King Mahendra Malla in 1549 A.D.

  • Gigantic figure of Kal Bhairav,the God of Destruction 
  • Basantpur Durbar or Nautalle Durbar ,built by King Prithvi Narayan Shah
  • Coronation Platform (Nasal Chok)
  • Hall of Public Audience (Gaddi Baithak)
  • Statue of King Pratap Malla 
  • Big Bell
  • Big Drums ,and 
  • Jaganath Temple

There is also a temple of Pancha Mukhi Hanuman inside the old palace.This is one of only two such structures in Nepal;the other is in Pashupatinath .Opposite the entrance to the Hanuman Dhoka palace stands the Krishna Mandir .It is one of the few octagonal shaped temples in Nepal.
On the right hand corner ,a large wooden lattice screen hides an enormous glided face of Sweta bhairav ,a fascinating masterpiece of popular art.The screen is removed only during the Indra Jatra festival.

Just before entering the coutyard of the Hanuman Dhoka Palace there is a temple of Shiva-Parvati on the left.The deified couple ,carved in wood and beautifully painted look graciously down from the center window of the upper balcony.

There are also the Numismatic Museum and the Tribhuwan Museum inside the Hanuman Dhoka Palace building .Photography is prohibited inside both museums.Both museums are closed on Tuesdays and government holidays.A nominal fee is charged to enter the courtyard of the Hanuman Dhoka Palace where one can see carving and moldings,on the nine storey pagodas of the palace.The main golden gate is guarded by the monkey god ,Hanuman .With a ceremonial umbrella suspended above his head and wrapped in a scarlet cloak ,he squats on a stone plinth,The image of Hanuman was kept by king Pratap Malla.


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