Tourism Flourishing Through Foreign Media

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18 Mar, 2014


 As we’re go through the current market journal,

The tourism has been flourished in Nepal on the basis of contributions made by the foreign media. There has not been a huge effective contribution by the side of Government of Nepal or the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) despite the investment of around 20crores on the yearly basis.

Tourist Arrival Graph

Photo source: Nepal Tourism Board (NTB)

The foreign media has ranked Kathmandu as one of the Top travel destination around the globe for Hiking, Trekking, Climbing, Expedition, Hotels, Rafting, etc. with a pool of tourist destinations.

The Stunning Everest and Kalapatthar have been listed on the top six trekking routes as the most difficult yet adventurous routes on the list published by the British Paper Daily Mail.


 Also, Kathmandu has been listed on the Top three best destinations around the globe by the popular traveler’s site, The TripAdvisor.

This list has been created on the basis of the reviews, comments and analysis made by the tourists.

There are more to look upon the list by various media like Place to see in your lifetime, lonely planet, etc. And we are very grateful that they have been an effective mediator helping flourish tourism in Nepal.  


The government and NTB should also be concerned about the top destinations and try to explore and create new tourist destination that will contribute to tourism in Nepal. 

Photo source: Nepal Tourism Board (NTB)

Photo source: Nepal Tourism Board (NTB)





Where do you want to go this year 2014,

1. Kathmandu (rated by Trip Advisor)

2. Everest Base camp (Our most popular package in 2013)

3. Kalapatthar to Everest (The most challenging one yet.)


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